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Any advice on compiling a big project?

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asked May 11, 2010 by aainslie (3,010 points)
I'm about to assemble a massive delay/chorus plug, 42 different and unique structures - so far (about 2 years work). All are mono for now except those designed to be Send effects. I use CK-modules wherever possible because of the on/off switches. Still sorting out the Page Panel>Everything Off thing - avoiding the Bool Splitter is harder than expected. Any traps to avoid? Any triks to share?

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answered May 14, 2010 by chuck death (1,190 points)
Disable undo!

Sounds wierd but when you get beyond a certain project size Synthedit will slow to a crawl whenever you try to do anything; add a module, connect a wire etc. This is because Synthedit undo caches the whole current project into the undo buffer and creates a whole new one every time you do anything. Working without undo removes this issue.

Just remember to back up often! ;-)
commented May 17, 2010 by aainslie (3,010 points)
Thanks! Never knew that. Luckily I'm a ctrl+S addict.