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Container template -- when template changes, all container instances are automatically updated

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asked May 22, 2010 by ddmcleod (130 points)
It's not unusual to create a container that is used in multiple places in a project.  Problem is, if you decide to modify one container, you have to manually modify all instances separately, which is very error prone.  Solution: create a Container template, with copies made from the template only, which then become call by reference rather than call by value.  This way, when you edit the template, all copies are updated automatically.
commented Jun 16, 2010 by Jef (5,700 points)
These are sometimes called 'ghost' copies.

1 Answer

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answered May 23, 2010 by opsis (2,300 points)
commented May 23, 2010 by ddmcleod (130 points)
No this is not the same issue.  I want the CONTENTS of the template to be propagated to all instances of the same container.