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feature-request for next synthedit - shortcuts and multiple midi i/o

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asked May 27, 2010 by njeremic (260 points)
hi jeff
my feature-requests for next SE:

please, please, plaease more shortcuts! - for everything (properties, automation, panel edit, close window...)
that will improve the workflow a lot, and i guess its not so difficult.

please, please, please, multiple midi i/o - i can use only one at a time :( and
i noticed some problems too with different soundcards/controllers: if i use midi from my soundcard all is well, but when they are different devices, midi has huge latency.

otherwise, thanx jeff for your great work on se.
keep a good work

2 Answers

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answered Jun 6, 2010 by xgmode (890 points)
It would be cool to select the MIDI-in/out port per container where MIDI-in/out are used, when working in Synthedit.
So ppl can choose which controller controls which synth/FX/whatever ( have 3 MIDI controllers, only 1 can be used now hehe.. ).
commented Jun 14, 2010 by daz (250 points)
I'm guessing that VST 2.x is the issue here as it only supports a single midi i/o per plugin ... VST3.x supports >1 ...
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answered Jun 16, 2010 by ukpat (510 points)
Customisable shortcuts for everything would be perfect.

Check out Cockos Reaper for an example of decent customisable shortcuts, toolbars & menus :)