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user definable grid snap

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asked Apr 2, 2010 by opsis (2,300 points)
edited Apr 9, 2010 by opsis
Today a snap grid 8x8 exist. A custom snap step should better.
commented Jun 11, 2020 by Jodirhanna (100 points)
Snapping in modo is the action where two elements, when coming in close proximity with one another, the moving element jumps to the fixed element making it possible to very accurately align geometry components in relation to one another, or in relation to 3D space. modo offers a variety of snapping options that can be set accordingly, based on user intent.Snapping is a global state in modo, when it is enabled, all actions will obey to the current definition, as specified in the snapping options. Users can open the options panel one of two ways. In the tool properties viewport, there is a persistent 'Snapping' button, LMB+click to open, or simply press the 'F11' keyboard shortcut to open a viewport popover under the mouse pointer; move the mouse away from the form to dismiss it. Users can temporarily enable snapping by pressing and holding the 'X' key on the keyboard, or fix the state by tapping the 'X' key toggling it either enabled or disabled. When the Snapping state is enabled, the snapping button  will highlight orange.This post provides more useful information.I am working at  top essay writing service(http://www.essayscouncil.com).Go to this top essay writing service for any kind of academic writing work.

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