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How I can save state of my own button (made using sdk) ?

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asked Sep 3, 2013 by h4zel (120 points)
Button is only for example.

In general I want to create some kind of matrix with additional data. So, I need to save it somewhere. I thought that Patch Automator will fit perfectly, but I'm not sure about custom data in my component ( arrays and stuff).

Any additional info or examples?

1 Answer

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answered Mar 17, 2014 by Jef (5,700 points)
To save custom data, that's more than a single variable, you can use the blob data type. This is basically custom data of any size you want, containing any format you want. The scope3 source code uses a blob data type to store information. In this case it sending the waveform data to the GUI. In your case you may want to do it the other way round, send the data from the GUI.