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How do I transfer the data in the first midi status byte to the second?

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asked Apr 3, 2010 by the247s (120 points)

I'm trying to create a midi effect so that I can change the output of a midi theremin that just creates note ons into controllers, and unfortunately Ableton Live doesn't have a "logical edit" or "transform" function, like logic or cubase.

So I need to convert midi note ons to a set midi controller with variable values. The input creates various midi note ons and the velocity is irrelevant. The first midi status byte, of the note on, needs to transfer to the second midi status byte of the controller, and I would like to be able to set the value for the first status byte of the controller output - ie the controller.

I was looking at the midi filter module, but I can't find anything that really helps me manipulate the midi data more directly.

Can anyone give me any pointers please? Do I need to get into the SDK for this, or am I just missing something?



1 Answer

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answered Apr 3, 2010 by anonymous
Find the article on How to Use DH_MIDIMunger at this location. http://www.dehaupt.com You want the following module from there also.

Changes MIDI messages on the fly. Any Note Off, Note On, Polyphonic Key Pressure, Control
Change, Program Change, Channel Aftertouch or Pitch Bend message, or RPN or NRPN
message sequence, can be changed to any other, making substitutions as specified in a set of
MIDI In - MIDI messages to be processed.
Rule Source - Text Entry or File
File - Name of text file containing rules
Rule 1 - Rule 10 - Text rules that specify selection criteria for messages, and
the changes to be applied.
MIDI OUT - MIDI messages resulting from application of the rules to the input