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Auto Connect Right Click option

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asked Apr 8, 2010 by SimoneCuttlefish (370 points)
Feature Request
Would it be possible to right click an IO Mod, or a container, and tell it to auto connect to all same named, Inputs, Outputs, or Both it finds in the same/adjacent container/s?

Example, I put an oscillator into a container and connect it's PITCH pin to an IO mod. Then, after adding more oscillators, I could right click the IO Mod, and tell it to connect to all other inputs it finds in that container with the same name (PITCH). Build a 128 voice additive synth prototype and you'll understand why I'm asking this :) I believe this could seriously speed up a lot of wiring, and especially REwiring operations.

Possible additional feature: Select one container, then and option for All outputs, All Inputs, or All IO, and select a target container and have them all populate to that containers IO mod/s, even if there is no existing named connections (other than the "Spare" one). This might mean having to specify which IO mod in the target container was marked as "INPUT" or "OUTPUT" by default, to stop the horrid, million IO wires to one IO mod mess you can end up with "Containerise Selection".

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