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My SynthEdit Registration no longer works

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asked Oct 13, 2016 by Jef (5,650 points)
I just installed a new version of SynthEdit, now my registration code does not work.

1 Answer

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answered Oct 13, 2016 by Jef (5,650 points)
SynthEdit changed it's registration codes since Version 1.2,

The old format was a short 8 character code like:
Key: 571b24a2

The new format is a longer code like:
Key: KUsB40Cvqa+4V6rRvrkxBmvCH7XYsgi5UXWpovFTVVv3UR0ZcFD3x64sgnhEy7P1RG5fYZc04IsseOkoUFheSA==

If you have an old-style key, SynthEdit will upgrade it for free. Just email jef @ synthedit. com, providing as much information on your purchase as possible. e.g. your old registration name, your full name and your email at the time your purchase SynthEdit etc.