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How do I change the width and the colours of the font and the background of the "read out" boxes?

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asked Mar 27, 2017 by Jef (5,650 points)

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answered Mar 27, 2017 by Jef (5,650 points)
To change the fonts in your plugin, you need to use a custom skin. In SynthEdit, a skin is a set of images and text files that determine the look of your plugin.
 To make you own custom skin copy SynthEdit default skin folder and rename it. e.g. copy "C:\Users\Public\Documents\SynthEdit Projects\skins\Default" to say "C:\Users\Public\Documents\SynthEdit Projects\skins\MySkin"

To change the fonts edit the file "global.txt". Fonts are arranged in "styles" that are applied to various controls in SynthEdit, for example, style "control_edit" is the font that appears in a Slider's text-box.

Sub-Control modules often have a "style" setting that allows you to apply any style to that control, or make a custom style in "global.txt" just for that control.

Due to the limitations of Microsoft Windows, some text boxes are restricted to a white background and black text.

Note: SynthEdit's Sliders have only limited control over their appearance, for example you can't control the width or location of the text-box. For more options, consider constructing your own customized control out of Sub-Controls.