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So i made a patch, everytime i try to save as vst i get the error "can't open output file, check its not in use, check folder exists... C:\Program Files (x86)\SynthEdit\VstPlugins\Fringstortion.dll" id really like to figure this out or my last three hours were wasted.

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asked Apr 2, 2010 by anonymous
not really sure whats up, i made the folder vstplugins and it still isnt working. ive got version 1.0150
commented Apr 3, 2010 by anonymous
thank you truezipp, that solved the issue.

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answered Apr 2, 2010 by truezipp (2,220 points)
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What is your version of Windows?

Read  article "Vista and Windows 7 users" here: http://synthedit.com/version11_faq.htm
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answered Apr 2, 2010 by Kim Prouty (880 points)
Check to see if maybe you had used this vst and it crashed and is still running in the background. Ctrl alt delete and look for running hosts. Make sure to try a restart your computer then try outputing the file again. Try changing to a different output folder under File/Preferences/File Location. The typical path for Vst plugins is many times C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins try changing it to that. Try outputting it to a different harddrive if you have one.