Version 1.2

This is the main version of SynthEdit. Please back up your older SynthEdit projects before using this version. The new GUI is far more demanding of your graphics card as it uses gradients, curves, and drop-shadows.

SynthEdit 1.2 MSI installers (only if you are having problems with the full installers).

SynthEdit 1.2 (32-bit) MSI Installer

SynthEdit 1.2 (64-bit) MSI Installer



1 - With SynthEdit 1.2 modules (SEMs) are stored in two locations:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\SynthEdit 1.2\modules - Modules shipped with SynthEdit only.
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SynthEdit\Modules - 3rd-party add-on modules from other vendors. Please copy your 3rd-party modules here.

Don't copy SynthEdit's own SEMs to the common folder (the ones already in C:\Program Files (x86)\SynthEdit 1.2\modules. If you are using SynthEdit 1.1 alongside Version 1.2, leave your existing module folder as-is. Version 1.2 will not access these.

2 - If you experience crashes at start-up this may be caused by a problematic module. Temporarily move your modules folder elsewhere. Then try starting SynthEdit again.

Know Issues:

  • On Windows XP, menus are very dark and difficult to read.

  • Tooltip Hints do not work on controls in the editor. They will work in your export-as-vst plugins.

  • Playing 'Keyboard' module don't work from PC keyboard.

Known Issues (64-bit)

  • The 64-bit version requires 64-bit modules. Most of your modules are probably 32-bit.  The 64-bit version will load projects created in the 32-bit version, but some modules will be inactive if you don't have a 64-version of them.
  • 64-bit SynthEdit plugins use a new drawing API. The reason for using this new method is that it is Mac compatible. 64-bit GUIs (Control panels) do not support all controls, some types of controls will not show, some controls will look different in a VST3 plugin.
  • 64-bit SynthEdit will export both VST2 and VST Version 3 Plugins (VST3 is the newest type of VST plugin, and is not supported yet by all DAWs). 32-bit SynthEdit will export only VST Version 2 plugins (These are widely compatible).
  • 64-bit Plugins have reduced support for MIDI. Only Note, Controller and SYSEX messages can be received by a plugin, plugins do not currently send any MIDI. This is due to limitation of the VST3 Plugin format.
  • The "Embedded files" feature works differently in SE 1.2, these files are merely copied alongside the exported plugin's other files. The reason for this is Microsoft Windows increased security which prevents files being extracted from a VST at runtime. This feature has been renamed "Copy Additional Files" to better explain what it does.
  • Mac export is currently not working. Mac export will return in SE 1.3
  • SynthEdit made VST3 plugins are unstable in Reaper.
  • Some modules from the older version of SynthEdit are not compatible with VST3: e.g. Float-Scaler (please replace with Float-Scaler2).
  • Oversampling a synthesizer will not work unless the oversampled container contains a Patch-Automator module.
  • VST3 Plugins to not hold a list of presets internally (the DAW loads them individually off disk). As a result, the Patch-Info module does not support patch changing in 64-bit instruments.
  • "Ignore Program Change" does not work in 64-bit plugins. This is because 64-bit plugins hold presets externally on disk.
  • 64-bit SynthEdit does not support loading VST Plugins into SynthEdit (32-bit does).