Other Websites offering add-on Modules

3rd-party modules provide additional features for SynthEdit.

Installing 3rd-party modules

There are 3 main types of modules: 32-bit, 64-bit, and MacOs modules. 32-bit modules are only available in 32-bit SynthEdit, 64-bit, and Mac modules are only available in 64-bit SynthEdit (check menu Help/About to find which version of SynthEdit you are using). Each type of module needs to be in a specific location:

64-bit modules go in: C:\Program Files\Common Files\SynthEdit\modules\

32-bit modules go in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SynthEdit\modules\

macOS modules go in: C:\Program Files\Common Files\SynthEdit\modules_mac\

After adding any new module "re-scan" your modules in SynthEdit: Choose menu: Edit/Preferences, choose tab File Locations, click Rescan Modules

Where to get 3rd-party modules

[64-bit][mac]  Community Modules.zip   A collection of various open-source modules hosted in the cloud. Includes 'HD Oscillator', 'curvey ADSR', and more).

[64-bit][mac] SFIZZ - A SFZ sample format player.

[32-bit]           DD - Daz Disley

[64-bit]           Elena modules Elena Spectral Modules

[32-bit]           KDL - KDL Modules

[32-bit][64-bit] Klang Manipulation

[64-bit]            QTN Modules

[32-bit][64-bit] Rob Herder

[32-bit][64-bit] Sasha Modules

[32-bit]           SL - KDL Modules

[32-bit][64-bit] TD - Time Domain Modules

[32-bit]           Various modules here at SynthEdit.com