VST2 Licensing

VST Version 2 Licensing Changes

Steinberg, the creators of the VST plugin format are ceasing support for Version 2 of the format. Steinberg intend to remove the VST2 Software Development kit from public availability and will not license any new VST2 developers after October 2018. Any developer not licensed with Steinberg will be banned from creating VST2 plugins.

VST Version 3 plugins are not affected by this ban.

If you make plugins with SynthEdit, this change may affect you. Plugins made with SynthEdit 32-bit are VST Version 2 plugins. SynthEdit 64-bit can create VST Version 2 and Version 3 plugins.

What you need to do

If you wish to keep distributing VST2 plugins made with SynthEdit, you will need to apply for a license from Steinberg Ltd. You will need to do this before October 2018.

Below is the VST2 License Agreement. You can send the filled license agreement to the address that is given on the form, by mail or email it to: info@steinberg.de
Steinberg will sign it and send you back a copy.

VST2 License agreement