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Scope3 Controls An enhanced scope with independent X-Y control option, plus time scaling Frank Trossen
BadHead Effects Tube amp simulation with variable clipping hardness,bias (from symmetrical to rectified), and power supply regulation. Ralph Gonzalez
MultiDelay Effects Multitap delay with filter. Primarily for simulating the resonances within acoustic instruments and speaker cabinets, but can be used as a general-purpose delay up to 1 second in length. Ralph Gonzalez
Ring Mod pack Effects Ringmod modules pack. In return for the donation (to Johan)an additional pack of 5 ringmod modules will be shipped. Johan Brodd
Rnddelay Effects Samples audio input following gate signal, then plays random-length portions of the buffer to give the effect of an echo with random delay times. Ralph Gonzalez
sbm Effects stereo-base-modifyer Thorben Schulte
ssd Effects simpel-surround-decoder Thorben Schulte
sse Effects simpel-surround-encoder Thorben Schulte
UD-Reverb Effects A Reverb Effect, Based On excelent Jezar Freeverb Unkargherth,David Haupt
U-fDelay Effects A delay Unit with a low pass filter in the feedback chain Unkargherth
Biquad Pack Filters A set of 5 Biquad, 24 Db filters. Bandpass, LowShelf, Hishelf,Multimode and a 5 Band EQ Unkargherth
filta Filters A kind of Moogish VCF oli4
Karlsen 24dB Lowpass Filters   Zeb Virtual
Karlsen 6dB Lowpass Filters analog approximations, but using highly optimized code Zeb Virtual
MovAvg Filters Very simple and fast LP filter Ralph Gonzalez
U-Smooth Filters It smooths the value changes between current and next sample Unkargherth
U-Vowel Filters A filter that outputs voweled sounds. Great for high Harmonic Content ( ie Sawtooth) Unkargherth
5 Flip Flops Logic FlipFlops with variable Threshold, second invert Out.One of them with Set-Priority. Ralph Cronin
upSR Flipflop Logic Set/Reset Flipflop logic gate Ralph Cronin
MIDI program channger MIDI MIDI program channger Brian Vanderburg II
LFO Scaler & LFO Shifter Modifiers   BackBONE
LogiMod Modifiers The LogiMod is a simple module that allows you to modify two input signals using 32 different algorithms. There are two types of algorithms: Modes and Axiom. Modes are simple math functions like "a+b". Axioms are more technical math functions (logarithm, morphing, terrain, etc.). Luca Capozzi
Sample & Hold Modifiers Sample-And-Hold.sep in two versions, the regular and the ungated. Thorben Schulte
Sample Player SFZ Waveform Sample Player for SFZ sample format. sfizz/Jeff McClintock
varCUT Modifiers Cuts the signal with the varHIGH and varLOW. Best with limits to zero. Ralph Cronin
VectorModules Modifiers 4 way crossfade module a la Prophet VS, and a stereo module with pan controls on all inputs Magnus Olofsson
Fourier Tuner Prefabs More useful for for "natural" sounds than the "c,c#,d.."-tuner.this harmonic-tuner prefab is _ideal_ for fm/pm and additive synthesis etc anon
AutoListValues Special Calulates 'Voltage to List' voltages David Haupt
External Event Special A module that responds to external events, uses WIN32 event objects Brian Vanderburg II
EZ Math 3 Special EZ Math 3 Brian Vanderburg II
EZ Math2 Special Improved Math Evaluator. 3 built in constants (t, n, r) representing the time in seconds, the sample number, and the sample rate. Faster variable lookup. Brian Vanderburg
Killgate Special Outputs constant value when input changes Ralph Gonzalez
Law Special Adjust responsiveness of sliders, etc Ralph Gonzalez
NewWave Special Replaces each cycle of input waveform with (transposed) synthetic waveform. More responsive than most frequency-discovery systems, but has additional Frequency/Amplitude outputs if you want to drive external oscillators or filters. Ralph Gonzalez
Patch Trigger (4 modules) Special With the PatchTrigger(1..4) containers can decide to trigger themselves to another patch from inside Ralph Cronin
PrintChart Special Debugging aid periodically writes to file Ralph Gonzalez
Quadratic Special Useful for simple sums and products of inputs Ralph Gonzalez
Rate module Special Rate module Brian Vanderburg II
Resetter Special Resetter Ralph Cronin
RndAuto Special Random automation module. Periodically changes value, either immediately or ramping from previous. Ralph Gonzalez
Sample module Special Sample module Brian Vanderburg II
Time value module Special Time value module Brian Vanderburg II
U-MathEv Special A math expression Evaluator, equivalent to the one in Waveshapper but without limits.More correct and slow Unkargherth
Unison Fix Special Provides workarround for CK_Unison modules. Insert between CK_Unison and MIDI-CV. Set MIDI-CV Channel=All. This modules spreads duplicate MIDI notes over several channels, This allows the synth to play multiple copies of the same note (otherwise would only retrigger a single voice). Jeff M
Enveloper Waveform Performs 3 related functions. (1) A flexible envelope follower, with choice of peak, absolute-value, and RMS (root mean square) averaging. (2) Gate generator using de-noised audio input. (3) A de-noise filter. Ralph Gonzalez
fmlfo Waveform Low (or high!) frequency oscillator. Offset input is useful for creating tremolo effects. Phase input is useful for stereo effects. Frequency and Phase inputs can safely be modulated by secondary FMLFO's for frequency and phase modulation. You can chain as many as you like. Ralph Gonzalez
Impulse Waveform Generates impulse waveform Ralph Gonzalez
static Waveform Generates noise which can be varied from white noise (uniform probability distribution) to a sparse, static' noise (cauchy distribution). The intensity can be controlled via an external gain or envelope input. Ralph Gonzalez
U-Random 1.4 Waveform A random Out Generator. In continuous or gated Mode Unkargherth